Organic/medicinal/computational chemist and entrepreneur, my dream is to discover new molecules to cure disease and contribute to understand life at a molecular level.

I am a resourceful and natural-born problem solver. I think out of the box, I am a good team player and a confident communicator. I love learning and I do it fast. My knowledge and skills include: organic chemistry, free radical chemistry, remote functionalisation, medicinal chemistry, vitamin D, nuclear receptors, structural biology, computational chemistry, computer-aided drug design, Linux, Bash, Python, entrepreneurship. I founded the start-up Prosciens SÀRL in Luxembourg in 2011. I am fluent in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and can speak some German, Italian and Slovak.

My Curriculum Vitae (PDF), a few slides showcasing my scientific interests (PDF) and my LinkedIn profile can be accessed by clicking on the respective links.

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