The Prosciens adventure started back in 2009, roughly one year after having moved to Luxembourg for family reasons.

Between January 2011 and December 2013 the project acquired the legal form of a SARL (Société Anonyme à Responsabilité Limité).

More information about the history and activities of Prosciens as a company can be found in the website of the now extinguished society Prosciens SARL. Please, keep in mind that the the old website is kept just as a historical curiosity and that the information it contains is, for the most, deprecated.

Prosciens is currently a trademark used by scientist Edelmiro Moman. Up-to-date information about the Prosciens project can be found in the PORTFOLIO, PARTNERS and TECHNOLOGIES sections, respectively.


I am a chemist with a highly international and interdisciplinary background, spanning from organic and medicinal chemistry to computational chemistry, computer-aided drug design and computational structural biology.

The PORTFOLIO and TECHNOLOGIES section will give you and overview of my current research interests. For a more comprehensive description of my background, please, have a look to the PUBLICATIONS section and/or download my Curriculum Vitae (PDF).

A bunch of slides (PDF) showcasing three examples representative of my scientific interests is also available for downloading.

I also keep a backup of my old and outdated personal website. In spite of the fact of not having been updated for a long while, one can still find some useful information there.

Finally, my LinkedIn profile tends to be a bit more up to date.